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England triumphs over EM ticket after wild attempt

The world champion and football's motherland will also be part of the first pan-European championship in history next year: France and England have canceled their tickets for EURO 2020 on Thursday Moreover, Turkey and the Czech Republic made their participation clear ahead of time. Ten teams are now set for the tournament in June and

Sonic Movie: New Shitstorm due to Sonic's Voice

 The video game adaptation Sonic: The Hedgehog has a hard time behind him. After fans were so dissatisfied with the design of Sonic that they went on the Internet on the barricades, the main character had to be visually adapted. Now the look is better, as you can see in the trailer under this text,

Anti-Semitism Commissioner warns: Planned Kollegah concert triggers debate

                           Thursday, November 14, 2019                                                            Munich's anti-Semitism commissioner would rather not have rapper Kollegah in the city. At a time when anti-Semitic offenses are on the rise, an artist's performance is dangerous. Kollegah is among others because of a barely tolerable Auschwitz line in the criticism.               Bavaria's anti-Semitism commissioner Ludwig Spaenle criticizes